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We handle the difficult legal aspects of San Diego Family Law, including divorce and custody matters, so you can focus on your family and the transition ahead.


We aim to resolve your case quickly and efficiently, but always in your best interests. Out-of-court settlement is our top priority, however when the case calls for resolution by trial, you’ll have an experienced trial lawyer with the skill and tenacity to represent your interests in court.
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Establishing or contesting paternity is a sensitive topic. JWB Family Law will work with you in a confidential and respectful manner if your case involves establishing paternity as well as related child custody, visitation, and support matters.
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Child Custody & Visitation

Child custody and visitation are a central issue when parents of minor children divorce. Our attorneys are experienced in handling child custody and visitation agreements, dispute resolution and relocation in the best interest of your family.
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Asset & Property Division

With extensive experience handling assets and obligation in property division under California law, JWB Family Law works with clients to protect their property and assets during the division process.
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Child & Spousal Support

Negotiating a financial support agreement is one of the most important issues in the divorce process. JWB Family Law works with both parents to ensure that child support arrangements are fair to all parties involved. We also handle spousal support settlements.
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Domestic Violence

If you’re in a domestic violence situation, we recommend hiring an experienced family law attorney to navigate the complex legal challenges involved. We’ll guide you through the process of initial filing for the restraining order and represent you at your hearing.
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Divorce is never easy. We can help.

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