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Jane Wesley Brooks, owner of Jane Wesley Brooks Family Law, has extensively advocated for individual, parental and family rights and responsibilities in San Diego and throughout Southern California for more than 10 years.

Is Sole Legal Custody Right in Your San Diego Divorce?

It is never an easy decision to pursue divorce, and the process can often be complex and confusing especially when children are involved in the divorce process. With many high-profile celebrities battling over children in court during their divorce, custody of children can be a cloudy issue. Generally, California courts prefer...

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How to Change Spousal Support or Alimony in a San Diego Divorce

Spousal support, also known as Alimony, can be a difficult issue during divorce. In California, there are two main types of spousal support: temporary and permanent. Temporary spousal support, sometimes called pendente lite support, is a type of spousal support awarded while divorce proceedings are pending before a final judgment...

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Can You Record Your Spouse to Show Harassment?

There are many reasons for spouses to make the difficult choice to get divorced. Some of these may involve very stressful experiences, and those experiences can lead to emotional reactions that are difficult to work through. Other times, there may be some very valid reasons for pursuing divorce and the...

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Third Party Visitation Rights in California

Divorce is often a complex and stressful process. The process can be even more difficult when children are involved, and in such cases may bring even more family members into the process itself. For especially close families, family members may be concerned about how a divorce will impact their ability...

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