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Paternity Law

Parents who have a child together and are not married still have parental rights and responsibilities; therefore, the outcome of a paternity action has a significant impact on the lives of both parents, as well as the child involved. Establishing or contesting paternity is a sensitive topic, and The Law Offices of Jane Wesley Brooks will work with you in a confidential and respectful manner when assisting with issues related to establishing paternity and child custody, visitation, support, and will represent you in paternity court.

Establishing Paternity in California

Paternity or parentage can be established either by signing a voluntary declaration of paternity or by court order. If paternity is contested, genetic testing may be used to help prove or disprove paternity. Either parent may dispute paternity of a child, yet laws in this area are complicated, so it is in your best interest to establish paternity in a timely manner.

Benefits to Establishing Paternity

Establishing paternity may entitle a parent to child support and can assist a parent in requesting child custody or visitation. Also, establishing paternity legally entitles a child to the same rights and privileges afforded to children with two parents, such as:

  • Financial support from both parents
  • The right to inherit equally from both parent
  • Access to health history of both parents for future medical treatments of the child
  • The right to receive government benefits such as veterans’ assistance and social security
  • Legal documentation listing names of both parents
  • Insurance coverage from both parents

If you are considering contesting or establishing the paternity of a child in your life, Jane Wesley Brooks, San Diego Paternity Lawyer, will educate you on your rights and advise on your best options for success in resolving your paternity issues.

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